Why Babies Need Books

IMG_0296When parents cuddle their baby and read them a story, their baby is receiving all the experiences needed to wire their growing brain:

  • Visual stimulation

  • Hearing language helps to develop phonemic awareness and build vocabulary

  • Loving touch and attention fosters bonding and attachment

  • Emergent literacy skills develop (such as how to hold books & knowing that text has meaning)

  • A positive association with books and reading

  • Reading readiness

  • Back and forth interaction (serve and return) between parent and baby

Research has shown that providing families with books and reading guidance increases the amount of time parents and caregivers spend reading and interacting with their baby.

The simple act of reading regularly has a positive impact on a baby’s cognitive and emotional development. The Read to Me! bag connects families with high quality materials and resources in the community to help establish a routine of reading in the home.


Contact Information

Phone: (902) 470-6487 or (902) 470-7763
Email: readtome@iwk.nshealth.ca
IWK Health Centre 
5850/5980 University Avenue 
PO Box 9700
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8
Fax: (902) 470-8785


Thanks so much for your books. We have really enjoyed them. In fact, some of our favourite books are from the "stash" that we have received from your organisation. We also love the CD. What a wonderful program you have developed. We are truly grateful.
- Krissy

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