How To Read To Your Baby

Our reading tips will give you some great ideas on how to introduce books and reading into your baby’s routine. Right now you are probably just settling in with your baby, getting to know their daily routines, and maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that there is to learn and do. You may be thinking that you don’t have the time right now to read to your baby, and that it might be best to wait until your child is older.

Well, we have great news for you – now is the best time to start talking, reading and singing to your baby. Your baby was born ready to learn, listen and engage with you. Building a reading routine isn’t something extra you need to add to your already busy day, it can actually help your day go more smoothly. You will find that books, rhymes and songs can be used to calm, comfort and entertain your baby throughout the day, wherever you go.


How to read to your baby at:

0-3 months

3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

12 months +

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