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Tummy Time Books

Babies spend a lot of time on their back, but they need the opportunity to gain control over simple movements by strengthening their head, neck and back muscles. Tummy time gives babies that opportunity.

Tummy Time How-To

To begin, you can lie on your back with your baby on your chest looking at you,  or you can lay your baby tummy down on the floor with you close by. While many babies enjoy seeing the world from this angle, some babies may not like being on their tummy at first. Books can be a great way of encouraging your baby to spend time on their tummy,  as they will want to lift their head and look at the images, colours and designs.  Tummy time may only last 20 or 30 seconds at first, but slowly, with your encouragement,  your baby will build up their muscles so that they can spend longer periods of time on their tummy.



Books for Tummy Time

An ‘accordion’ or ‘concertina’ book is a perfect book for tummy time. These books are made up of panels that are folded back and forth and have images on both sides. They can be stretched out in front of your baby to encourage them to lift their head to look at the pictures.




One well-known accordion book is Black & White by Tana Hoban. This book features bold, eye catching black and white images that newborns will love to focus on.


Hand and Monkey

Any board book can be used for tummy time – just stand the book up a short distance away from your baby so that they can see the pictures. Books with bold images and designs will attract your baby’s attention and encourage them to work their muscles to keep their head and neck up.


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