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Latest News

The Read to Me Program is celebrating 15 years of giving books to babies in Nova Scotia! 

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What we do

Read to Me! is a non-profit, province-wide early reading promotion program. We provide FREE books and reading resources to every baby born in Nova Scotia to encourage parents and caregivers to read to their baby from the very start.

Families are visited at the hospital bedside by a Read to Me! staff member, hospital staff, or volunteer who provides guidance on how to use the books and resources to support their baby’s early literacy through fun daily activities.

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What's in the bag?

Every baby born in Nova Scotia receives a free Read to Me! bag containing baby books and reading resources. The bag is available in English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Mi’kmaw.  Special materials are also available for families who are hearing and visually impaired.

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Why Babies Need Books

Research has shown that providing families with books and reading guidance increases the amount of time parents and caregivers spend reading to their baby.

The simple act of regularly reading has a positive impact on a baby’s cognitive and emotional development. The Read to Me! bag connects families with resources in the community and helps to establish a routine of reading in the home.

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How to read to your baby

Your baby was born ready to learn, listen and engage with you. Building a reading routine isn't something extra you need to add to your already busy day, it can actually help your day go more smoothly. You will find that books, rhymes and songs can be used to calm, comfort and entertain your baby throughout the day, where ever you go. Our reading tips will give you some great ideas on how to introduce books and reading into your baby’s routine.

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How we are funded

Read to Me! is a registered charitable foundation generously funded through donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and federal and provincial government funding. We are building an endowment to ensure the gift of books for every baby born in Nova Scotia, in perpetuity.

YOU can help give the gift of reading.

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For Early Literacy Professionals

Read to Me! has benefited from the sharing of information from other early literacy professionals and programs. We will use this section to share the resources, research and early literacy news that helps us to support and inform our work.

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