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Reading With Babies

Early Brain and Language Development

At birth a baby has all the brain cells they need for life, but they need to develop the connections (or synapses) between these cells. These connections are the keys to learning.

The brain’s ability to grow these connections is greatest between birth and age three. Reading to a child from birth provides the sights, sounds, and touch that will help the brain develop.

Reading and singing to a baby also helps develop important physical and emotional bonds. Holding and cuddling a baby provides comfort.

Babies learn language by hearing language and they can hear from seven months in utero. Sharing songs, stories and nursery rhymes throughout the day calms, entertains and helps build language and writing skills. From birth babies love to focus on bright, bold pictures in books.

Starting early with books gives babies the best possible start in life!photo of a baby playing with books

Why Read to Babies?

How to Read to Babies

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